True Stories with a Tattered Legacy


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We will chronicle key cases that Tom Dillard, a/k/a Thomas Dillard, worked on as a Las Vegas Metro detective. In our opinion, he has piled up quite a legacy of his own victims of justice as he steamrolled his way over them while concocting evidence to implicate them in crimes.

Tom Dillard Nailed by Jury for $1 Million

Ex-Las Vegas Metro Detective Thomas (a/k/a Tom) Dillard Nailed by Jury for $1 Million, Called “Pure Evil”


Howard Lee Haupt — Just One of the Many Victims of Tom Dillard

Howard Haupt was a quiet man living a quiet life in the San Diego area before he suddenly found himself accused of kidnapping and killing a 7-year-old boy …


The Theory of the
Zodiac Serial Killer

Here’s one from way out in left field, Detective Tom Dillard. You’ve heard of the Zodiac serial killer? We found a piece of writing online by “Goldcatcher” that tied the unsolved murder of Alexander Harris, 7, to the Zodiac killer …


John Harrison West, Innocent; Held a Month on Murder Charges

Exculpatory evidence was withheld in the case, leading to the charges. The murder was a horrific one. West was accused of picking up Jardine in the at the Whiskey Creek Bar on Charleston Boulevard near Nellis Boulevard and taking her back to her apartment, where she was beaten …


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Tom Dillard & Robert Leonard, quite literally, were partners in crime. While they were both working as homicide detectives on the Las Vegas Metro PD, they worked at least a couple hundred cases together. When you look in hindsight on some of these cases …

Yes, the Dynamic Duo of homicide detective-ry have more sequels than the “Dumb and Dumber” comedy movie franchise. Not only were they partners while they were on the force together at Metro PD as homicide detectives, but they also paired  

Tom Dillard and the Unidentified Latent Fingerprint in the Unsolved Murder of Alexander Harris, 7  — Of the almost nonexistent physical evidence found at the scene of Alexander’s murder back in 1987, whose fingerprint was on the glasses …